Your Biltong Buddy

About Us

Your Biltong Buddy is more than just a place to get your hands on some delicious biltong.

We're a family-owned and operated business based in Brisbane, who are passionate about our job, and dedicated to creating high-quality products that our customers will surely enjoy and love.

Our founders, Alan Abrahams and his partner Elsa, are not only business enthusiasts but also ardent lovers of biltong, bringing the vibrant flavors of South Africa to the welcoming community of north Brisbane.

Passion fuels our dedication to crafting premium products that resonate with our customers' palates. Alan, with a diverse career journey, found his true calling in sharing the rich culinary heritage of South Africa.

In 2019, Your Biltong Buddy was born as a testament to his commitment to providing high-quality biltong and jerky, inviting everyone to savor the delicious and affordable offerings. With flavors ranging from the bold kick of chilli to the savory delight of savanna, our diverse selection caters to every taste preference. As a mark of our dedication to freshness, every biltong is freshly packed daily, ensuring that you experience the utmost quality and flavor with every bite.

Beyond biltong and jerky, our establishment boasts an impressive array of boerewors, dry wors, coffee, home-baked goods, and a curated selection of South African and international groceries and beer. Our Boondall store is a vibrant hub celebrating the spirit of South Africa, featuring a range of carefully selected groceries and homemade treats like Koeksister, Durban-style samosas, and rusks.

Your Biltong Buddy is more than a store; it's a gathering place where neighbors become friends, conversations flow, and connections are made.

Join us on a journey of flavors, community, and shared moments at Your Biltong Buddy – where every visit is an opportunity to explore the tastes of South Africa and make lasting connections.



What is the difference between biltong and jerky?

Biltong and jerky are both dried meat snacks, but they have distinct differences in taste, texture, and preparation. Biltong is air-dried and marinated with vinegar and spices, resulting in a tender and moist product. On the other hand, jerky is thinly sliced and dried using heat, producing a chewier texture with a variety of flavour profiles.

How long does your biltong and jerky last?

Our biltong and jerky are carefully prepared and packaged to ensure maximum freshness. When stored in the fridge, our freshly made and preservative free biltong lasts a few weeks. When frozen, our products can last years.

Is your biltong and jerky made from premium-quality meat?

Absolutely! We take pride in sourcing only the finest cuts of meat for our biltong and jerky. Our products are crafted using high-quality, lean meats that are seasoned with premium herbs and spices, delivering a delicious and savory snacking experience.

Do you offer international shipping for your biltong and jerky?

Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries worldwide. During the checkout process, you can select your location, and our system will calculate the shipping cost and delivery time. Please note that customs regulations and import duties may apply, depending on your country's policies.