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Your Biltong Buddy

The Chili Addict Bundle

The Chili Addict Bundle

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Immerse yourself in the heat of our meticulously seasoned biltong, where premium cuts of meat meet the perfect blend of chili-infused goodness. The Chili Addict Bundle is a celebration of spice, delivering a mouthwatering symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds with every savory bite.

Flavours Include: 

  • Mild Chili Jerky (100g)
  • Peri Peri Jerky (100g)
  • Chili Savanna Biltong (100g)
  • Smoked Chili Droewors (100g)
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Gluten Free

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Rich in Essential Vitamins

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Nut Free

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What is the difference between biltong and jerky?

Biltong and jerky are both dried meat snacks, but they have distinct differences in taste, texture, and preparation. Biltong is air-dried and marinated with vinegar and spices, resulting in a tender and moist product. On the other hand, jerky is thinly sliced and dried using heat, producing a chewier texture with a variety of flavor profiles.

How long does your biltong and jerky last?

Our biltong and jerky are carefully prepared and packaged to ensure maximum freshness. When stored in a cool, dry place, unopened packages typically have a shelf life of several months. Once opened, we recommend consuming the product within a week for the best taste and quality.

Is your biltong and jerky made from premium-quality meat?

Absolutely! We take pride in sourcing only the finest cuts of meat for our biltong and jerky. Our products are crafted using high-quality, lean meats that are seasoned with premium herbs and spices, delivering a delicious and savory snacking experience.

Do you offer international shipping for your biltong and jerky?

Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries worldwide. During the checkout process, you can select your location, and our system will calculate the shipping cost and delivery time. Please note that customs regulations and import duties may apply, depending on your country's policies.